When His Young Grandson Flies 800 Miles To Surprise Him, Grandpa Sobs.(video)

A special relationship exists between grandparents and grandchildren in their love. They are the ones who let us do everything our parents forbid, after all. They lavish us with affection.

Furthermore, although grandchildren will always feel at home with their grandparents, we occasionally forget how important we are to them as well. These sources of beautiful and eternal love require our assistance as well.

When a grandfather and his grandson reunite for the first time in a very long time, it is a touching moment that reveals how lovely and profound their love is.

Erica Lusher took a trip to Port Orange, Florida, with her family in order to surprise her parents at a neighborhood eatery. The family had been split apart on both sides for a long time.

But when they made the decision to drive 800 miles to surprise the grandparents, everything changed. The grandmother is the one who initially notices the surprise and is left standing dumbfounded in the center of the restaurant.

The grandfather will be the next victim. In an amusing turn of events, when he first sees his daughter, he makes the ‘What are you doing here?’ grimace. But as he looks down, his expression changes.

The moment the grandfather sets eyes on his grandchild, he quickly melts into mush. The grandfather starts crying as soon as they embrace. He is choking, and all he can manage to say is “Buddy.”

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