78-Year-Old Rod Stewart Makes A Major Announcement

His family is expanding, and he’s looking forward to the new addition. To learn more about this, keep on reading!

The “Maggie May” singer is used to being around youngsters because he has eight of his own. The singer has recently acquired the additional title of “grandpa.”

On May 9 this year, his daughter Ruby, the fourth of his children, shared the news that she and her fiance, Jake Kalic, had welcomed a baby boy.

And on May 12, his son Liam, now 28, and his partner Nicole Ann announced the birth of their son, Louie, making him a grandfather for the second time in as many days.

The proud new dad posted a photo album to Instagram and greeted his son’s international audience with, “Welcome lad, you American, British, Croatian, Kiwi.”

Rod’s son Liam is the product of his union with Rachel Hunter (1990-2006).

Hunter’s grandma said, “Welcome, you beautiful angel.” Penny Lancaster, Rod’s present wife, also chimed in, saying, “Congratulations, that’s the look of love. Can’t wait for a hug.”

It appears that the Stewart family of Rod Stewart is expanding.

Liam Artukovich, Rod’s son, and Nicole Artukovich, his girlfriend and the mother of his son Louie, recently announced their engagement.

Both parties involved in the announcement posted identical Instagram photos with the message “Forever,” along with the diamond ring emoji, to spread the happy news.

In the photo, Nicole places her engagement ring on her fiance’s chest as the two of them gaze at each other passionately.

The whole family embraced the news with joy and celebrated it. Penny Lancaster said, “So magical, congratulations” with a heart emoji attached to her comment.

“It’s about time! Love you two! Congrats!,” Liam’s sister, Rudy, cheekily commented.

“1 vibes,” Liam’s brother, Alastair, added to the comment section.

What wonderful, encouraging news! Best wishes to the expanding Stewart family! We hope this new chapter in their lives is filled with happiness and success for the young couple.

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