Adorable little girl melts hearts with outburst after learning dad is “already married”

As has been said, “Women marry their fathers.”

This was taken from the idea that if daughters grew up with a nurturing and caring father figure, it would be the standard they’d have when choosing the man of their dreams.

In this case, that’s apparently fact. An adorable 3-year-old took this a little bit too seriously. And unfortunately for her, her dreams were shot down before she could even realize them.

Meet the adorable Bella.
The tiny princess dreams of marrying her father.

In a touching video captured by her mom Jenna, Bella comes to a heartbreaking realization that her beloved “Daddy Matt,” is already happily married. The family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hasn’t had many opportunities to visit their relatives in Wisconsin.

As a result, Bella found solace in the photographs displayed on the family’s staircase.

Then she found the wedding photos.
She stumbled upon one photo in particular. Bella was drawn to the picture of the groom and was curious about him. Jenna recalls the moment, saying, “She asked me, ‘You and Dad are married?’ I replied, ‘Yes, sweetie. Do you think you’ll get married one day too?’ Little did I know, Bella’s innocent mind was about to grapple with a heartbreaking reality.”

Bella’s admiration for her dad didn’t start with the wedding photos, though.

Bella shares an extraordinary bond with her doting father, Matt, as he’s not just a dad for her, but a hero.

Even at a young age, Matt teaches Bella about the wonders of nature and values such as bravery.

He’s the perfect guy. And just like all amazing dads, Matt is always willing to become Bella’s favorite customer at her imaginary beauty parlor even if means having his nails all glammed up and painted.

How could he already be married? “She runs to the door every time she hears him pull in from work and I’m not sure which one of them is more excited when he opens the door,” Jenna said as quoted by Good Morning America.

You can only understand why she’s heartbroken, but it doesn’t have to end up sad.

Fortunately for Bella, mom had a solution.
She said that there’s only one “Daddy Matt” in the world, they should just share him. Bella seemed contented with the solution even if she agreed to the terms with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Bella’s reaction only goes to show how important it is for dads to be involved in parenting.

By showing them how healthy love looks like while letting them grow in a nurturing and safe environment, little girls will carry that standard that will help them form their self-worth.

Dads don’t know how important they are.