Kailyn Lowry: Fans Spot Convincing Evidence That Former Teen Mom Star Has Secretly Welcomed Fifth Child

For several months now, Teen Mom fans have been debating the question of how many kids Kailyn Lowry has at home.

If she were still a reality star, it would probably be much easier to solve this mystery.

But Kail has stepped away from the MTV spotlight, and these days, she makes her living hosting multiple podcasts.

In other words, her career still involves sharing intimate details about her personal life, but she now has much greater control over the narrative.So while we know just about everything there is to know about Kail’s home remodeling projects, we don’t know nearly as much about her family as we did in her Teen Mom days.

However, fans are convinced that Lowry secretly gave birth to a fifth child toward the end of 2022.

It’s a theory that sounds completely absurd — after all, who hides a child from the public?! — but there might actually be something to it.Kail has yet to explicitly deny that she’s a mother of five — and many fans are convinced that her silence speaks volumes.

These days, online sleuths dissect every photo and social media post in search of clues, and now they’re convinced they’ve finally uncovered solid evidence.

Earlier this week, UK tabloid The Sun published photos of Kail in which she’s seen walking with her iPhone in her hand.Interestingly, the phone’s lock screen shows a photo in which Lowry appears to be posing with five children.

“Kail’s screen saver, is that five kids?” one fan asked on Teen Mom Reddit page.

“I can’t wait for her fifth boy announcement,” another joked.But it’s not just outsiders who are accusing Kail of hiding a secret baby.

“You claim to be so real so raw but yet you got a whole newborn you should be focused on and yet you’re trying to create unnecessary drama to cover up that fact,” Kail’s two-time baby daddy wrote in a recent Instagram comment.

Now, things have really gotten out of control, as there are fans who think Lowry is pregnant with her sixth child.