Kind Man Stopped Car To Help Bring Groceries Home For Elderly Woman Who Was Pushing Walker On Hot Day

When a kind man saw an elderly woman pushing her walker loaded with groceries home on a hot day, he stopped his car and helped her drive them home.

Jibril Jennings, a U.S. airman in Oklahoma City, was driving near Interstate 240 on a hot day when he noticed an elderly woman pushing her walker on the side of the road. Her walker was loaded with bags of groceries, and temperatures were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

“There was a human being in the middle of the road that obviously needed help, and everyone was just driving past,” he said.

Realizing how much she was struggling, Jibril stopped his car on the side of the road and asked the 71-year-old woman, Janice Hall, if she would like a ride home with her groceries. While Janice says that she enjoys the exercise, she was touched by the kind uniformed man’s offer and took the him up on it.

The two shared a nice connection right away, and had a lovely conversation in the car. “Once I got into the car, she immediately started talking,” Jibril said. “She reminded me of my grandma, she started telling me about her day.” “I went from the post office to Walmart, then from Walmart to my bank,” Janice shared.

While Jibril was helping load Janice’s groceries into the trunk, a person in a car behind them, Amber Roy, was moved by his kindness and recorded the special moment on her phone.

“This airman just pulled over to help this elderly lady walking with her groceries in 101 degree weather and took her to her destination!! Omg my heart is melting!!! There are good people left in this world!!’ God bless you airman!!!” Amber wrote in a post online.

Millions of hearts online have appreciated Jibril’s kindness for Janice. “That man was really a sweet guy, I just couldn’t believe it,” Janice later shared.

“I told him he deserved a hug. I just gave him a great big ‘ol hug and thanked him. Then he went on his way.”
Jibril was humble when later asked why he helped the elderly woman, and just said that no one should be forgotten or ignored.

“Don’t let anyone be forgotten, don’t let anyone be ignored,” he said.You are Loved.