People laughed at this man’s home until they saw the interior

Every house is a person’s castle, and apparently, these castles come in different forms, shapes, interiors, and sizes.
If we don’t know better, we’d laugh at the first strange home we’ll see, but with democratized property rental apps, we know that every house is more than what meets the eye.

What was the smallest house you’ve seen?
Fitting a house in an area the size of a big cart can be a daunting task especially when you think about the comforts you need.But this guy made it happen. He has enough sitting space, a toilet he covers with a Frisbee, and a small sink the size of a big can.

And would you live inside a dog?A hotel in Idaho puts a different meaning to the word “dog house.” This hand-built hotel is made of carved wood resembling two beagles.

It has great amenities including a big bed, places for activities, and features decorations comprising different wooden dog figurines.

What was the most interesting construction process you’ve seen? In Costa de Morte, Spain, an interesting stone beach house sits overlooking the sea. The strange house looks like a big stone but the process to build it was even stranger.

The Trufa, or “truffle”, was built using bales of hay that they arranged to plot the different areas of the house. They then poured concrete over it and made a small hole for a cow to pass through. They then let Paulina the cow eat the hay. The entire process ended with the cow growing to adulthood.