Pierce Brosnan still holds hands and looks at Keely Shaye with love after 22 years of marriage

After the death of his first wife, Pierce never thought he’d love again. Then he met Keely Shaye. When we see dashing celebrities, we instantly think that they charm their way into one heart and then to the next.
And we won’t be surprised if a James Bond actor, the embodiment of a dashing gentleman, does it. This is not how Pierce Brosnan’s love life pans out, however. The James Bond star moved from one long-term relationship to the next, showing what real, nourishing love looks like.

Brosnan is actually a man who got a second chance at love.
Brosnan was married to Cassandra Harris for over ten years since 1980.

Harris passed away in 1991 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.The Tomorrow Never Dies actor spoke about his loss and how he and his family coped with it.

He shares with Us Weekly that one’s perspective changes drastically when faced with mortality. He shared that they cherished every moment with Harris.

Then, three years after his wife’s death, he met Keely Shaye Smith.
Smith began her career as an actress and a model but ultimately found her passion in filmmaking, especially about environmental protection.She was a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight when she met Brosnan at a party in Mexico.

She was quickly swept off her feet.

The couple exchanged vows in 2001.
Shortly after, they were blessed with Paris and Dylan. The couple would then raise all of their five children, including Sean, Brosnan’s son with Harris, and Harris’ two children in her previous marriage, Charlotte and Chris.Brosnan also never fails to show how much he loves his wife. In an interview, he said, “I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good.”

He also described her as his “North Star.”
In an Instagram post, Brosnan described Smith as being kind and compassionate as she encouraged Brosnan to mourn for his late wife.

He said, “I suppose Keely is my North Star, always looking out for me.”Their children only had good things to say about their mother as well. In an interview with PEOPLE in 2019, Paris and Dylan said that their mom has always been hands-on in everything she does especially when it comes to protecting the environment.