She Installed A Hidden Camera At Home And Caught Her Husband Doing This With The Dog..

There is a reason we call dogs ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ They are right by our side no matter what and dogs love to make us happy. They are the best companion you could ask for, and probably read us better than we actually realize. I know when I’m not feeling well or feeling a little stressed, my dog is the first one to notice and will cuddle up with me to make sure everything will be okay.

Magically, his cuddles make me feel at least a little bit better. Well they say owners mimic their dogs. After watching this video, I’d have to say it may be the other way around. Watch this little Boston Terrier do as his human does. It is adorable! His wife caught him on camera playing on the computer. His little buddy was sitting right next to him and what happens is so cute! He and his little French Bulldog are inseparable and here’s the proof that these two are best friends.