The most emotional video on the internet/ Marine saluting his son for the first time goes viral

A marine father gave his soldier son his first salute during a commissioning ceremony, and the emotional moment has gone viral on social media. The tradition of the first salute, also known as the Silver Dollar Salute, is a long-standing tradition in the military.

The person who gives the first salute is usually someone who has mentored the new officer on their journey with the armed forces. In this case, Marine Master Sergeant Michael Fisher gave his son, 2nd Lieutenant Michael Fisher, his first salute.

In a video of the ceremony, the father’s voice cracks with emotion as he recounts how proud he is of his son. “I watched you grow and mature and become the man that you are today. It is a privilege to render you your first salute. But it is a greater honor to say Congratulations, Sir, for your commission,” he says, addressing his son as “Sir” for the first time.